Оptional module

Resolut A-IN

8-channel analog input module

Resolut A-IN (ANALOG INPUT) plug-in module designed for basic capabilities extension of products built on Resolut DSP platform.

The module allows you to use up to eight input channels for connecting sources with analog outputs, both linear (RCA) and outputs to acoustic systems (standard head units and amplifiers).

Resolut A-IN input works independently of other signal sources used in the device.


  • Number of analog inputs – 8 (linear or high-level)
  • Мaximal signal on linear inputs – 3 V (RMS)
  • Мaximal signal on high-level inputs – 45 V (RMS)
  • Dynamical range of digital-analog conversion – 112 Db
  • Dimensions: 64х44х24 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Оptional module Resolut A-IN
  • Connectors for linear and high-level inputs