Smart Remote Control

Resolut SRC


Resolut SRC (Smart Remote Control) can be used jointly with products built on Resolut DSP platform for operational sound management.

Remote control provides ability for source selection, selection of configurations (presets), separate adjustment of subwoofer's level and overall volume.

For usability, Resolut SRC provides function of LSD screen picture inverting, enhancing installation options


  • Device body material: anodized aluminum
  • op panel material: tempered glass
  • Supply voltage 3.3 V
  • Digital switch 30 div/rev
  • O-LED display: 128x64
  • Connecting to devices: RJ12
  • Remote controller firmware update: micro USB
  • Weight: 65g

Scope of delivery

  • Remote controller Resolut SRC
  • Metallic assembly bar
  • Cable for remote controller's connection to processor