• Resolut DSPTool_XDSP for Windows (v.1.4.1)
  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.3.11) ChangeLog

    2 types of All-pass filters for accurate phase correction in multiband systems

    In crossover section, you can find additional crossover allowing you to enter additional filtering of high or low frequencies with a steepness of 12 dB / octave for cascade system. These crossovers are possible to be tuned independently from main crossovers.

    New plugin menu added. Now installing any optional module it is not necessary to download plugin manually. It is enough to pass to this menu and select the plugin to be installed from the list. The processor update will start automatically.

    Additional visualization option. Now you can see equalizer and crossovers on one graph.

    New tab for work with analog module

    New plugin to work with analog module. Sound quality increased.

    Added hotkeys for mute/unmute channels. 1-8 keys pressed mute or unmute channel with same number.

  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.3.8) ChangeLog

    Added support for HDPI (high pixel density monitors).

    Function of switching inputs has been moved to the main work area.

    All the functionality of the remote control is collected in a separate tab.

    The installation position of the remote (display rotation) changes from the program.

    The program remembers the design theme and the working folders for files.

    The adjustment of time delays has been extended to 15 milliseconds

  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.3.5) ChangeLog

    Changing the color scheme (dark background).

    Ability of channel’s names freely change.

    Color indication of connection with the processor.

    The service function of rebooting the device from the program.

  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.2.0) ChangeLog

    Resolut Harmonizer technology

    The choice of work of the digital filters

    *need to update firmware

  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.0.0)

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