Resolut presents the first truly high-quality audio source Resolut Player (RSP)


Resolut presents the first truly high-quality audio source Resolut Player (RSP)

Resolut processors set the highest level of digital audio signal processing, but for a long time there were no sources on the market that had a truly high-quality digital output signal. Resolut solved this problem radically and technically elegantly, following the principle "If you offer, then only the best". Welcome – a new audio player with support for high-resolution formats and streaming services Resolut RSP.

The main feature of Resolut RSP is the use of a high-quality ultra-precision clock generator, which allows you to get uncompromising digital signal quality. It is the lack of proper timing that does not allow you to unlock the sound potential of other sources available on the market, including most specialized players or solutions based on mini and microcomputers.

It is possible to make the most of such opportunities only in close conjunction with the entire subsequent audio path, so Resolut RSP has not only the usual digital outputs SPDIF (coaxial and optical Toslink), but also the ability to connect via the I2S bus and output a signal in USB-Audio format.

Resolut RSP supports Wi-Fi connectivity and has an Ethernet port, which allows it to work with streaming and network services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Roon, etc. In other words, you can use it not only as a traditional player, but also combine it with other devices up to the construction of complex branched home or car multimedia systems. Management and fine-tuning of Resolut RSP is also carried out through the web interface.

The player is offered in three versions. Resolut RSP v1 is an expansion board for Resolut processors. It receives power directly from the processor, the digital signal is transmitted to it without additional transformations. This version has two external USB ports for connecting USB media and a Wi-Fi adapter, as well as an Ethernet port. 

Resolut RSP v2 and Resolut RSP v3 are independent universal devices. They can be used both in home systems and in automotive ones (with the possibility of correct switching on and off by Remote control signal). Functionally, both players are absolutely identical, but Resolut RSP v2 has a built-in Wi-Fi module, and Resolut Player v2 is ready to work with an external Wi-Fi adapter connected to a USB port. 

Unlike most players available on the market, and even more so solutions based on mini and microcomputers, Resolut RSP starts very quickly – from the moment it is turned on to the state of full readiness, it takes from 3 to 6 seconds, depending on the settings.

Congratulations to all audiophiles and music lovers on the appearance of Resolut RSP! Now you will be able to implement an audio path with unsurpassed quality of digital audio signal generation and processing and come close to the audio system of your dreams, sounding with outstanding dynamics, detail and emotionality! Choose the best – choose Resolut!

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