Resolut A-DSP


Never before has music brought so much pleasure as with new Resolut A-DSP!

Any qualitative product is not only its components. Outstanding results are yielded by the correct implementation of each it's components. In the Resolut A-DSP processor the digital-to-analog converter AK449X, unique by the opportunities, which many experts call not differently as "most musical" is used in many respects. Having analyzed shortcomings of existing solutions on this chip, we implemented the maximum of its potential, including the switching like outlet filters allowing to select the nature of sounding which is best corresponding to your musical preferences and opportunities of the audio system.

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The powerful processor from Analog Devices - ADAU1452 is responsible for the processing of the sound signal. All calculations are made in a resolution of 192 kHz / 64 bits that allows working without loss, even with the High-Resolution Audio formats. It is more than that, in Resolut A-DSP the original optimized algorithms are used, the opening possibilities of ADAU1452 and in addition increasing the accuracy of calculations more full. So an uncompromising approach allowed to achieve preserving of high resolution of the signal even at difficult processing’s in DSP. As well as the senior processors, the A-DSP model is constructed on modularity.

The processor can be completed with optional USB Audio modules based on Amanero or XMOS modules, the Bluetooth module and interface units of MOST 25 and MOST 150. Each of them is connected to the host ADAU1452 computing processor directly and is controlled by the 32-bit coprocessor. The sound flow is transferred to the DSP without any conversions reducing permission and signal quality, all switching happens directly in the processor.

In addition, to flexibility and customization of Resolut A-DSP under specific installation, such modular architecture allows to distribute computing resources of the processor optimum. They are not spent on support of not used functions, but any selected configuration works most effectively - whether it be work in multimedia mode, work with the optical bus of the car, sound quality optimization, the pastings mode of entrance analog signals during the work with regular systems, including compensation of the delays or phase shifts inherent in complex regular audio systems.

Data exchange between the host computing processor, the managing microcontroller and memory, happens on the high-speed bus. In combination with the use of high-speed memory such an approach allowed to exclude any possibility of data loss or their degradation including in the course of permanent reconfiguration. Any change of parameters and switching between preset takes place in real-time with the smallest delay. The resource of memory has the huge stock - even at record of 100 times per second the term of its fault-free service hypothetically is 31000 years. Speed and high reliability are especially relevant for participants of the autosound competitions wishing to receive not just powerful, but a reliable instrument of setup of the sound.

We paid special attention to one of the basic components of any audio device - power supply. In Resolut A-DSP specially developed multichannel supply system with the advanced pulse stabilizers working at frequency of 1 MHz and the linear stabilizers constructed on the discrete solution is used. Similar decisions are applied, as a rule, only in the most top uncompromising systems, in the majority of automobile processors, simpler decisions are used. Such a radical approach allowed us to receive the maximum quality of both digital processing of the signal, and digital-to-analog conversion, and as a result - to reach an unsurpassed quality of sounding.

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Analog digital conversion:

  • ATSP chip, permission: AK5558, 32 bits
  • Ratio signal/noise of ADC: 115 dB

Operating voltage:

  • 9-16 V start-stop compatible


  • Butterworth 6, 12, 18, 24
  • Linkwitz Riley 12, 24
  • Chebyshev 12, 24
  • Bessel 12, 24

Digital-to-analog conversion:

  • Digital-to-analog conversion: AK449X, 32 bits
  • Frequency range of analog outputs: 2 Hz - 60 kHz
  • Dynamic range of the DAC: 122 dB

Digital processing:

  • Central chip: Analog Devices ADAU1452
  • Digital processing of the signal: 192 kHz / 64 bits
  • СRatio signal/noise, digital input: 140 dB

Dimensions and weight:

  • Sizes: 235 x 152 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg

Total Harmonic distortion:

  • Analog: -106 Db
  • Digital: lower than -120 Db

Analog outputs voltage:

  • 4 volts

In / Out configuration





Functional Extension Modules

We provide a list of functional modules to expand the capabilities of our devices

  • wired digital remote control for sound adjustment and presets (in stock)
  • analogue inputs' plug-in module (without signal summing and EQ and time delays correction) (in stock)
  • plug-in module USB (in stock)
  • plug-in module USB/BT (in development)
  • colored top lids for customization of installations (in stock)
  • plug-in module HDMI (in development)
  • plug-in module MOST 25 (in stock)
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  • software add-on for analogue inputs' plug-in module with automatically signal summing and EQ and time delays correction (in development)
  • plug-in module MOST 150 (in development)
  • plug-in module ETHERNET for BMW (in development)
  • analogue inputs' module with automatically signal summing and EQ and time delays correction (in development)
  • module MOST 150 as a separate device (in development)
  • module MOST 25 as a separate device (in development)
  • module ETHERNET for BMW as a separate device (in development)
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  • Resolut DSP Tool for Windows (v.1.3.11) ChangeLog

    2 types of All-pass filters for accurate phase correction in multiband systems

    In crossover section, you can find additional crossover allowing you to enter additional filtering of high or low frequencies with a steepness of 12 dB / octave for cascade system. These crossovers are possible to be tuned independently from main crossovers.

    New plugin menu added. Now installing any optional module it is not necessary to download plugin manually. It is enough to pass to this menu and select the plugin to be installed from the list. The processor update will start automatically.

    Additional visualization option. Now you can see equalizer and crossovers on one graph.

    New tab for work with analog module

    New plugin to work with analog module. Sound quality increased.

    Added hotkeys for mute/unmute channels. 1-8 keys pressed mute or unmute channel with same number.

  • Manual Resolut DSP