Resolut H-DSP


Resolut H-DSP 12 channels audio processor

The Resolut line of automotive audio processors has been replenished with a new uncompromising 12-channel model Resolut H-DSP

Until recently, the presence of 8 independent output channels was considered an unofficial standard for car audio processors. However, the Car Audio market is changing and dictates its own rules, and in many cases this amount may not be enough. For such installations, we have created a 12-channel Resolut H-DSP model. That's how many channels are often in demand when upgrading standard systems in cars of the medium and premium segments.

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Resolut H-DSP is a High-End processor, created using the technologies of the 8-channel model Resolut A-DSP MK2, which has proven itself in the best way. Some manufacturers, with an increase in the number of channels, "distribute" the available digital signal processing capabilities, reducing its accuracy. The 12-channel Resolut H-DSP uses a different approach, in which the processing quality of each channel is completely preserved compared to the 8-channel model. This was made possible by using a more powerful computing part built on two chips of the ADAU14XX family.

In terms of digital-to-analog conversion to Resolut H-DSP, six 2-channel AK4490 chips of the new generation are working, which Asahi Kasei launched into production in 2022. This is a DAC of the highest class with a great combination of delicate sound delivery, characteristic of the Velvet Sound concept, and careful study of details and subtle nuances. Musicality and fascination are what characterizes the sound of the Resolut H-DSP.

The processor is configured through a single proprietary software Resolut DSP Tools. With the advent of a new model in the Resolut processor line, it has received an update and is available for free download on the official website.

When setting up, not only standard settings of frequency filters, delays, input and output equalizer, etc. are available, but also the ability to select the type of output filter of the DAC for a more accurate selection of the nature of the sound to the characteristics of the other components of the path and personal sound preferences.

Maximum flexibility of settings and exceptional accuracy of signal processing in high resolution is one of the strengths of the new 12–channel Resolut H-DSP, which has been transferred to it from the top 8-channel models. A visual demonstration of the main principle of Resolut "If offer, then only the best".

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Digital-to-analog conversion:

  • Digital-to-analog conversion: 6xAK4490R, 32 bits
  • Dynamic range of the DAC: 120 dB

Digital processing:

  • Central chip: 2 chips Analog Devices ADAU1452
  • Digital processing of the signal: 192 kHz / 64 bits
  • Ratio signal/noise, digital input: 140 dB

Dimensions and weight:

  • Sizes: 235 x 152 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 1,45 kg

In / Out configuration





Functional Extension Modules

We provide a list of functional modules to expand the capabilities of our devices

  • software add-on for analogue inputs' plug-in module with automatically signal summing and EQ and time delays correction (in development)
  • analogue inputs' module with automatically signal summing and EQ and time delays correction as a separate device (in development)
  • module MOST 25 as a separate device
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  • wired digital remote control for sound adjustment and presets
  • analogue inputs' plug-in module (without time delays correction) (in stock)
  • plug-in module USB (in stock)
  • colored top lids for customization of installations (in stock)
  • plug-in module MOST 25 (in stock)
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