Resolut X12-DSP


Resolut X12-DSP 12 channels audio processor and amplifier

Until recently, the brand name Resolut was associated exclusively with audio DSP processors, but the company presents its new and for many long-awaited development - a powerful multi-channel amplifier with a built-in DSP.

Resolut X12-DSP is a comprehensive solution that allows you to completely close the issue of processing and amplifying an audio signal with a quality upgrade of premium standard systems with a big number of channels. This processor amplifier has a built-in 16-channel DSP and 12 proprietary channels of amplification. At the same time, the case is quite compact, and the amplifier is easy to install even in cars that do not have enough space to accommodate additional components.

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The Resolut X12-DSP has a 12-channel analog input, implemented on top-end Sabre ADC ES9840, and digital coaxial and optical inputs. You can control the basic functions of the processor (volume, bass level, source selection, presets, etc., using the optional Resolut SRC remote control.

The processor part is built on the ADAU1452 chip. Audio signal processing is carried out with a resolution of 64 bit / 96 kHz, which exceeds the requirements of the High-Resolution Audio specifications by a margin. All 16 channels of the processor are absolutely identical in terms of their tuning capabilities. Digital-to-analogue conversion is handled by two new 8-channel Sabre ES9080 chips with a special unique PLL (phase locked loop) circuit and built-in operational amplifiers.

Unlike most similar multi-channel DSP Amplifiers, the Resolut X12-DSP has an impressive power potential and is capable of delivering up to 160 watts of rated power in each channel into 4 ohms (i.e., the so-called "clean" power, without distortion) even when all 12 channels are used. It is built on D-class power chips, which potentially allow you to deliver up to 300 watts per channel, but to ensure the best stability, linearity, dynamic headroom and high efficiency, more gentle operating modes were chosen for them. D-class chips operate at carrier frequencies above 500 kHz, which ensures the most accurate audio signal transmission without losing even the smallest nuances.

The D-class output filters use inductors made specifically for Resolut. Power supply transformers were also made according to our own technical specifications, in combination with the rest of the elements of the amplifier ensuring its operation not only with high efficiency, but also with the proper high speed audio playback.

Resolut X12-DSP is the best choice for high-end car audio systems, when separate installation of the processor and amplifiers is impossible for some reason. Compact, powerful, with amazingly detailed and incredibly dynamic sound, captivating with its musical energy.

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Analog digital conversion:

  • Chip and resolution: 3xES9840 Sabre, 32 bits
  • Ratio signal/noise of ADC: 116 dB

Digital-to-analog conversion:

  • Chip and resolution: 2xES9080Q Sabre, 32 bits
  • Total number of outputs: 16
  • Frequency range of analog outputs: 2 Hz - 65 kHz
  • Dynamic range of the DAC: 120 dB

Digital processing:

  • Main chip: Analog Devices ADAU1452
  • Digital processing of the signal: 96 kHz / 64 bits
  • Ratio signal/noise, digital input: 130 dB

Dimensions and weight:

  • Sizes: 307 x 200 x 64 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg


  • Rated power: 160W per channel in 4 Ω
  • Number of channels: 12
  • Ratio signal/noise, digital input: 120 dB