Resolut T-DSP audio processor is becoming even better


Resolut T-DSP audio processor is becoming even better

Bursting into the car audio market in 2019, Resolut audio processors proved to be a real breakthrough even for the most discerning audiophiles and have justly occupied the niche of top-notch products. And now it's time for an update! We are happy to introduce the new Resolut T-DSP MK2 model that is a logical evolution of the T-DSP model. The main principle of the Resolut brand is "If we ever offer anything, it is only the very best". Our engineers are truly committed to this and never stop moving forward. Here are just some differences between the new Resolut T-DSP MK2 and the previous model:


  • The more advanced ADAU1467 is now responsible for processing the audio signal instead of the ADAU1466. This processor has more input/output signal lines, which makes it possible to open up new possibilities of development and increasing of the number of embedded modules. All calculations are still performed in 192 kHz / 64-bit resolution in accordance with the original optimized algorithms that not only help preserve richly expressive, dynamic and highly detailed sound even within complex processing inside the DSP, but also provide lossless work with High Resolution Audio formats.
  • The reference oscillator is the heart of any digital audio device. Many important parameters including sound depend on the special features of its implementation. In the new Resolut T-DSP MK2, the layout of the board has been changed and the length of the generator signal lines has been reduced, which has a positive effect on the operation of the digital part of the processor.
  • The digital signal processing circuit for the coaxial input has been changed, which significantly improved the common mode noise suppression performance. This made it possible to achieve even better sound quality when using sources connected to this input and to fully unleash the potential of the processor.
  • The operation of the on-off system of the processor and control system of the activation of other devices has been changed, and the current reserve of the REM OUT output has been increased. Now the processor can drive multiple amplifiers directly without the need for isolation relay.


In all other respects, the Resolut T-DSP MK2 retains all the advantages of the current Resolut T-DSP model. Having a flexible modular design, the processor can be easily customized by installing additional modules. The use of highly reliable and high-speed memory made it possible to exclude any possibility of data loss or degradation (even when recording at a speed 100 times per second, its uptime is hypothetically 31,000 years). The power system is built according to a specially designed multichannel circuit with advanced switching regulators operating at a frequency of 1 MHz and the linear stabilizers constructed on the discrete solution give exclusively clean power for all elements and by that allow to realize their potential for all 100%. As to the digital-to-analog converter the Resolut T-DSP MK2 uses the ES9038PRO Sabre DAC. Not only is it one of the best chips with huge potential nowadays, but the Resolut audio processor can also be rightfully called one of the best implementations today.

The Resolut T-DSP MK2 is a lot more than just gentle audio signal processing that preserves every musical nuance. This audio processor has a soul and conveys the principle aspect of music - emotions.

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