Resolut audio processors increase the number of channels


Resolut audio processors increase the number of channels

Meet the long-awaited new 16-channel audio processor Resolut M-DSP. It incorporates all the technological innovations that have made the 8-channel T-DSP and T-DSP MK2 one of the greatest on the market, and is fully consistent with "The DSP" concept and the principle of "If we ever offer anything, it is only the very best".

The main feature of Resolut M-DSP, in contrast to many of the existing multi-channel processors on the market - a complete preservation of computing power over the 8-channel models. Double number of output channels in Resolut M-DSP "served" by two chips ADAU1467 (similar are used in the T-DSP MK2), whereas other producers often distribute computing resources of one chip, reducing the accuracy of signal processing and losing sound quality. In Resolut, all calculations are performed in 192 kHz / 64-bit resolution, which allows you to keep the highest level of details even with complex signal processing.

D/A conversion in the Resolut M-DSP is performed by two separate DAC units based on ES9038PRO Sabre chips. The first of these works on channels 1-8, and the second works on channels 9-16. The implementation of each block replicates the DAC in the leading 8-channel model Resolut T-DSP MK2, which provides the sound of a 16-channel audio processor at the level of this well-proven model.

Resolut M-DSP is setup via the single proprietary software Resolut DSP Tools. When you start the program, you can select the number of processor channels and the program will provide access to configure all 16 channels.

Now it is possible to achieve the highest quality of sound with Resolut processors not only when building classic systems with up to 8 channels, but also when upgrading complex multi-channel systems, which is especially relevant in the premium segment of cars. Resolut M-DSP is capable of turning a basic "commercial audio option" into a real audiophile audio system, inspiring with its sound and giving inexpressible musical emotions.

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