Built-in modules. Remote control. Updated software.


Built-in modules. Remote control. Updated software.

Dear friends,

The year has passed since first presentation in Wroclaw. We had rather ambitious production plans, but 2020 brought its own changes.

Lockdowns and other unpleasant events in the world significantly affected our development and production, causing a serious slowdown in all projects.

Regardless we have not stopped the project and worked hard all this time. Thanks to that, today we present you a full range of new products.

Give it up for updated remote control, several built-in modules, as well as a number of improvements to increase usability of software!

  • Updated Smart Remote Control Resolut SRC available now with long-awaited function of LCD screen picture inverting, enhancing installation options. The display font has also been increased, and the plastic top plate now changed for heavy-duty glass (like on smartphones).
  • Built-in analog input module Resolut A-IN allows you to connect both linear (RCA) and high-level to Resolut DSP processors (you can also connect OEM amplifiers with high output voltage).
  • Resolut USB-IN HQ module also installing on processor board, allows to organize the direct transfer of audio data in digital format, without any additional conversions. Module support USB audio class 2.0 devices (players, smartphones, carPC, some head units).
  • Resolut M25-IN module is intended for additional digital audio input for OEM car audio systems with MOST 25 bus. The module is built-in, so it possible to transmit the digital audio signal from OEM multimedia system in BitPerfect mode.

Resolut DSP Tool software updates focused on usability and based on feedback from our product owners, customizers and audio installers.

List of software changes (Windows):

  • Changing the color scheme (dark background).
  • Ability of channel’s names freely change.
  • Color indication of connection with the processor.
  • The service function of rebooting the device from the program.

You can download the updated version here.

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