Resolut Harmonizer


Resolut Harmonizer

Resolut audio processors built using Sabre DAC have the ability to fine-tune the nature of the sound using a special function Resolut Harmonizer, which works as follows.

Each audio device has its own sound character, which is set, among other things, by harmonic distortion. Their essence is the addition of harmonics with multiple frequencies to the output signal. For example, a signal with a frequency of 1 kHz generates additional frequencies of 2, 3, 4 kHz in the output signal, etc. And the input signal, for example, 300 Hz causes harmonics with frequencies of 600, 900, 1200 Hz to appear at the output, etc.

During normal operation of the device, these harmonics have an extremely low level, so we do not perceive them as something bad and spoiling the sound. But often they are enough to give the sound its own color. For example, the sound may become sharper and sharper or softer and warmer, reminiscent of the "old school" sound.

As a rule, the main contribution to the nature of the sound is made by second and third harmonics. The Resolut Harmonizer function allows you to change their level within small limits.

The first way to use Resolut Harmonizer is to drastically reduce distortion in the audio system. This is relevant if you have the possibility of instrumental control of the operation of its components, and you have an idea of the nature of harmonics introduced, for example, by amplifiers or acoustic systems. Adjusting the second or third harmonic "to the minus", in fact, means that the processor adds these harmonics with the opposite sign to the signal. This allows you to compensate for the harmonics introduced by the other components. As a result, at the output of the system you get the cleanest possible signal without significant harmonic distortion.

The second way to use Resolut Harmonizer is to intentionally give a certain color to the sound. This function works like harmonizers that sound engineers use in their work. As a rule, the addition of a third harmonic makes the sound sharper and more clearly defined, and the addition of a second harmonic makes the sound warmer, bringing it closer to the sound of vintage single-stroke tube amplifiers.

Try the Resolut Harmonizer in action to pick up your individual character of the sound of the audio system.

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